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How to update WordPress and make backup
How to update WordPress and backup Vulnerable plugins and themes are the #1 reason WordPress websites get hacked. Watch the video above to learn how ...
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How to register a website domain name — URL
You want to create a website. The first step on this journey is to register a Domain Name. Read Foxie Web Design's guide to find ...
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Amelia Bookings Plugin Versus Formidable Forms to create a Cafe or Restaurant Bookings form
Trying to build a bookings form for your cafe / restaurant website? This video reviews two WordPress plugins to see what is the best fit.
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Use a password manager promtional graphic by Foxie Web Design based in the Central Coast NSW
How and why to use a good Password Wallet
A Password Wallet stores your passwords and private information in one, convenient place. A password manager saves you time and keeps you safe online.
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Learn how to brand and market, grab your free book from the experts at Foxie Web Design from Sydney to Newcastle and beyond
Free ebook — Introduction to Branding and Marketing
Grab your free eBook Introduction to Branding & Marketing Learn how to create and manage a brand that is memorable, loved, and preferred. Branding, graphic ...
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Avoiding emails spams and scams, learn more at Foxie Web Design located in Central Coast NSW
How to avoid email spam and scams
Avoid email scams​ Scam emails can look exactly like your bank or other service like Netflix, PayPal, Facebook etc. They often say that your account ...
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Central Coast Entrepenures and Meetups with Foxie Web Design located in Central Coast NSW
Central Coast Entrepreneurs Meetup
Central Coast Entrepreneurs Meetup Hello and welcome to the next evolution of Central Coast Entrepreneurs Meetup. Our MeetUps will now be held online for the ...
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