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Central Coast Entrepreneurs Meetup

Hello and welcome to the next evolution of Central Coast Entrepreneurs Meetup. Our MeetUps will now be held online for the immediate future, there is a webinar planned for you to join very soon... But first I'd like some feedback from you, please fill out this form;

As more businesses go into lockdown mode, the trend is to spend less on advertising. While this may make sense for some businesses especially ones in the travel sector, it may be shooting your business in the foot. Now is the time to really engage your audience with useful and engaging content, and turn some of your audience into ambassadors for your brand.

It’s also a great time to work on your branding and marketing funnels so when the time is ripe you can come out swinging.

What are your thoughts?

Please let me know in the comments on this form / questionnaire.

Foxie Web Design offers a free Ebook; Introduction to Branding and Marketing.

After reading the book, I would love to hear some feedback on it and also which parts of the book you would like to focus on in the upcoming webinar.

Thanks for coming on this journey, I’m really excited to help local businesses become more successful.

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Central Coast Entrepreneurs Meetup​
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