Marketing success starts with a sound foundation.

Foxie Web Design works closely with business on customer acquisition through paid, email, and social media sales campaigns.
We help you learn more about your customers through Customer Research.

Google Ads

Driving traffic and conversions through audience targeting

Your competition are using Google Ads now

Keyword and phrase research using paid services like SerpStat.

Landing Page creation on your website optimised for specific ad campaigns.

Customer journeys and marketing funnels planned for your business by hand and also using advanced paid for tools such as Funnelytics.

Facebook Campaigns

Boosting campaigns where your customers are

Targeted campaigns through paid campaigns and Facebook Messenger automated messages

Landing Page creation on your website optimised for specific ad campaigns.

Customer research to define your customer segment in Facebook through groups, job titles, etc.

Competitions and sample give aways

Email Campaigns

Creating high conversions through automated email workflows and effective campaigns

We run campaigns to help build your email list

We send out personalised email campaigns, we can even put personalised names within photos.

eCommerce online shopping websites designed and hostd by Foxie Web Design from Sydney to Newcastle and beyond

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Why choose us?

Happy customers

Our customers love us.

We help you look good online, attract website traffic, and manage all the technical details so you can get on with business.

Personal attention

Foxie is a small business (that’s a good thing!), you get direct contact with the senior technical manager Craig Brown, who can assist with just about any request.

Personal support

You will be assisted every step of the way, to make your online journey as easy as possible. For all questions and support you will get phone calls, Skype calls, and personalised training videos.