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Business Class WordPress Maintenance​


The Business Maintenance Plan updates your Wordpress website regularly including security & speed boosts, plus one hour per month of edits & training.

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The Business Maintenance Plan protects your website from Ransomware attacks, speeds up your website, provides access to a host of powerful software, and provides one hour per month of professional WordPress help with installation, configuration, training and editing.

We will install and manage iThemes Security Pro and Backup Buddy, to guard against hackers, and restore the website quickly in case of a disaster.

The Business Class WordPress Maintenance plan also includes installation and management for a host of helpful plugins including:
Formidable Forms, VirusDie, Short Pixel image optimisation, Media Cleaner Pro, all Booster and XooTix plugins for WooCommerce for the life of your subscription plan.
This is incredible value, and for one hour every month at no extra charge we will configure this software and make edits and add features to your website.
Just take one example here, Formidable Forms;
“Formidable Forms is the one WordPress plugin that has completely changed the way we do web development.” Revolutionize your workflow with this process for building show-stopping forms, directories, listings, calendars, subscriber on-boarding, advanced Woo-Commerce ecommerce products with booking calendars, questionnaires, surveys, quizzes and data tables in WordPress, and the list goes on and on. And that’s just one of the great plugins we offer to install. Just this one plugin alone would cost you over $200 a year.

Foxie updates your WordPress website several times per week, we update all plugins. themes and WordPress core software.

One hour of professional support each month

Up to one hour of website edits per month, that’s in addition to your updates and backups!

Normally we charge $100 per hour for WordPress editing and maintenance, and that doesn’t include any of the software, so we can genuinely say our Maintenance Plan offers amazing value.

Choose whatever type of support you’d like, that could be editing your website, adding new features, or creating personalised training videos that will teach you how to manage any area of your website or online shop, including adding or editing text and images, how to record and add videos, how to improve SEO and marketing — literally anything your website can do we will help you do it.

Enjoy Priority Support!

Fast website restore (when down). Foxie backups your website each week, plus before and after every major edit, we download a copy to our local secure drives for your safety, and we keep backups of our backups.

Billing Period

3 months, 6 months, One year


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